Szene! CHILDREN OF BODOM – melden sich aus dem Studio!
24. Januar 2013
By Roxx
Die finnischen Metal-Superstars Children Of Bodom, die derzeit in ihrem hauseigenen Studio in Helsinki mit dem Einspielen von zehn neuen Tracks für ihr anstehendes achtes Album beschäftigt sind, melden sich jetzt mit einem Update von den Aufnahme-Sessions.

Bassist Henkka Seppälä kommentiert:
“Last night I finished my parts in making the record. We listened to all the songs and fixed what had to be fixed. So the bass tracks are in. So are the basic tracks for guitars, from both Roope and Alexi. And of course drums were recorded first. So next in line is guitar melodies and solos, and then laying down the keyboards. Then it’s time for vocals. We are ahead of schedule and very happy to work here in Helsinki for the first time ever. I’ll update you again when we are further in recording.”

Hinsichtlich der Tatsache, dass das Album in den Band-eigenen Räumlichkeiten produziert wird, äußert sich Frontmann Alexi Laiho: “It's a nice change to the regular method where we lock ourselves up at a studio in the middle of the woods, usually also during the darkest time of the year. However, we did track drums at the tried-and-tested Petrax studio in Hollola this time as well, so we got our fix of that modus operandi too. But for the guitar and bass, we don't require a big facility in the countryside, so we decided to stay closer to home for this part of the session."

Laiho stellt derzeit die Songtexte fertig, damit diese vorliegen, wenn Anfang Februar Peter Tägtgren (PAIN HYPOCRISY) zu den Musikern stößt, um mit ihnen gemeinsam an den Gesangs- und Keyboard-Aufnahmen zu arbeiten. Alexi hierzu: "It will be great to have Peter come over for a good stretch this time so we can really concentrate on the vocals. At the moment, I'm done with the lyrics for two tracks: 'All Twisted' and Slowdance On Nails'. So far all the other tunes go by working titles such as 'Moto GP', 'FC Pettymys', 'Kananmuisti-ilmiö' and 'Trondheim'."

Darüber hinaus hat COB-Gitarrist Roope Latvala seine verstärkte Mitwirkung an der Zusammenstellung des Songmaterials angekündigt: "In my opinion many guitar parts could be made more interesting and balanced with just minor tweaks.” Alexi stimmt zu: “Roope did voice his opinions more than usual this time around. And maybe the others, too. As far as the actual question goes, the usual rule applies: all good ideas are taken into consideration."

Eingefleischte COB-Fans werden sich freuen zu hören, dass die Band ihre gute Tradition großartiger Coverversionen aufrecht erhalten wird. Diesbezüglich verkündet Alexi: "We will be doing our versions of songs by Bananaram and Roxette, and a track chosen for us by the readers of the Japanese magazine Burrn.”

Das bis dato unbetitelte Album ist für eine Veröffentlichung via Nuclear Blast im Sommer 2013 angesetzt.